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MasterCard rePower

MasterCard rePower is the online service that lets cardholders reload their prepaid MasterCard cards with cash. Cardholders buy Ukash vouchers from thousands of participating retailers and enter their unique voucher codes into the website at to instantly top-up their MasterCard prepaid cards. The cash load process is quick, convenient and secure and provides financial inclusion to a significant number of people who would otherwise not be afforded the ability to pay with plastic.

The MasterCard rePower service is provided by our client, CQR Payments, with the website front-end designed and built by Fifth Dimension.

The brief specified a consumer website housed outside of MasterCard's global framework, but one which still followed MasterCard's brand and style guidelines. A key consideration of the design process was that all new website features and functionality had to integrate seamlessly with MasterCard's existing global elements. As MasterCard rePower is a new product, it was important that the familiarity and structure of the visuals and webpage layouts would give MasterCard cardholders full confidence in the product.

To improve the quality of data entered into the Top Up Now form prior to validation, we split the process into manageable steps, revealing elements and bringing them into focus as the user progresses through the form. To further optimise the user experience, each form field input has a corresponding help prompt which becomes visible only when in a 'focused' state, and the form data is validated at each step, flagging up any errors in context. The MasterCard rePower service relies on multiple service providers, so in addition to designing a simple Top Up process, we had to present several legal statements during the process without distracting cardholders from their goal of topping-up their prepaid MasterCard cards.

The MasterCard rePower cash reload service is currently available in the UK, with roll-out to other European countries in the very near future.

The Kalixa Card is the first prepaid card that can be loaded in the UK via the MasterCard rePower service.