This website uses cookies OK had to sell the product to potential customers - by acting as a virtual shop window - and deliver timely and relevant content to existing customers (and provide access to their online account in a secure PCI environment).

To overcome this dichotomy, a dedicated section of the site was structured to host rapid-deployment modular landing pages, providing customisable segment- and message-specific destinations containing highly-targeted content. This approach means that the core site retains cohesion and balance, at the same time providing a powerful sales and marketing platform.

Additionally, one of the core technical requirements for was the need for the site to be both regionalised and multilingual. Building such an extensible framework pushes the boundaries of what most single websites are able to deliver.

We consider to be a constant work-in-progress and we continually monitor all site activity; we test, we learn and we respond rapidly to market conditions, customer requirements and regulatory requirements, ensuring the website remains relevant and effective and acts as the central hub of all of Kalixa's marketing activity.