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    Kalixa is the prepaid MasterCard® and e-wallet, issued across the UK, Germany and Italy by Vincento Payment Solutions Ltd.

    • Research & Insight
      We analysed the market for Vincento's Kalixa Card, and how their segments behave - and why. We tested the brand, the message, the content and the product and fed that information back to Vincento. But we didn't just throw a heap of data at them; we interpreted the results and offered them the benefit of our insight, guidance and recommendations.
    • Strategy & Planning
      We helped Vincento set measurable commercial goals and define the strategy necessary to achieve them. We recommended an optimum media mix to suit their timescales, budget and objectives and planned its cohesive deployment.
    • Implementation
      We've been melding the creative with the technical for over eighteen years now, so we know what works. We can make anything from an app to a micro-site or a social media campaign to a viral hit, but everything we've done to promote Kalixa has ultimately been deployed with the single-minded goal of increasing Vincento's bottom line.
    • Relationship Management
      We help to manage the relationships with Vincento's customers, affiliates and stakeholders, ensuring those relationships are not only maintained, but continually developed and optimised.