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Digital website development with EPiServer

At Fifth Dimension we believe that control over our project delivery enables us to produce the best results for our clients. As a result we always carefully consider the software that we use to develop our digital projects.

When Fifth Dimension first evaluated EPiServer in 2005 we were delighted to find a .NET CMS platform that balanced a huge array of out-of-the-box features, with the ability to both customise and integrate our own bespoke features or 3rd party applications.

EPi Server Logotype Slogan2This balance seemed perfect for our requirements, enabling us to create websites for clients in a timely and cost effective way, but with the knowledge that we could still deliver the level of customisation our clients require - there is no such thing as a "standard site".

Much has changed since Elektropost (as the company was then) released EPiServer 4, which we began working with, becoming one of the 1st UK partners in 2005. Today EPiServer is the world's fastest growing provider of Web Content Management (WCM), online social community, and ecommerce platforms, delivered through a partner network across 30 countries and more than 460 companies.

EPiServer CMS 6 (and the recently previewed CMS 7) provides a feature rich application that we work with on all our enterprise level sites. The full functional list of capabilities is available on, but here are some of our favourites (in no particular order):

Multiple-region / language

Fifth Dimension has been involved in multi-language projects since the 1990's - these projects provide a unique set of challenges and EPiServer CMS helps us tackle these with a range of integrated tools. We've built multi-region & multi-language sites that could only be managed with EPiServer CMS.

Version control

EPiServer's inbuilt version control for both pages and files is invaluable for managing large sites with multiple editors, or audit requirements. It provides the ability to easily trace updates, compare different page versions and roll back at the click of the mouse.

User permissions & workflow

The inbuilt user permissions framework offers a high level of control and flexibility when working with multiple user types, from group level policies right down to an individual page access. The customizable workflow process also ensures that large or distributed editorial teams can be managed easily and efficiently.

Dynamic properties

It may not sound very exciting, but these provide us the ability to manage aspects of the website at the CMS interface rather than reverting to a developer - which is both more efficient for us, more responsive and better value for our clients.


The release of EPiServer's MobilePack greatly improved our ability to develop mobile support as part of the site delivery, rather than an additional process. Editors can also now focus on editing a single page, and letting the CMS manage the delivery of optimized content to the user's device, be it desktop, tablet or mobile.


Much like MobilePack, the inclusion of personalization within EPiServer brings a high level of control into a single point of management. Broadly speaking, it allows for page content to be customised based on the information we know about the user, such as the search term they have used to find your site.

Put simply, it allows you to prioritise what a customer wants to see before they step-in the shop increasing their interest and likelihood of engaging with you.

A/B Testing

We can't always know what pages or design features will get the best response - and it's impossible to ask all your users. But the in-built testing available with EPiServer's CMO allows you to quickly and easily test different versions of a page, and measure which performs better, thereby enabling ongoing optimization to the site.

Aside from the inbuilt features, we've also integrated with a wide range of 3rd party applications such as SAP, InstantForum, SocialGO, MailChimp and others. We've also integrated a range of payment service providers such as EPDQ, WorldPay and SagePay.

Have a look at some of our case studies for sites built on EPiServer and get in touch for an informal discussion about:

  • how EPiServer compares against other CMS
  • a review of your current site
  • support of your current EPiServer site
  • development of a new website

Case Studies

Read how we upgraded Elekta's online document repository from CMS 4 - 6, speeding up the search time and reducing running costs.