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Customer Profiling


Cardholder Profiling

Customer Profiling is essential for effective personalisation of your web content and communications. Personalisation ensures every one of your customers consistently receives engaging and relevant messages, which naturally leads to increased transaction volume.

It's imperative that you understand exactly who your customers are, what motivates them to spend, and what they are spending their e-money on. Only then can you ensure that you're maximising their lifetime value.

Our Customer Profiling service analyses your customer data, transactions, web stats and campaign results to break down your audience into distinct and manageable segments.

The more segments we identify, the better the results will be from your marketing activity, which will in turn lead to a direct increase in your transaction volume. However, the more segments you target, the more time and effort will need to be invested to produce and deliver relevant messages; how granular we go is entirely up to you, depending on your budget and your resources.