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Campaigns & Promotions

Because you can’t grow a business just on banner ads.


From concept to delivery, we can create and manage engaging and measurable sales promotions, competitions, loyalty schemes and sales incentive programmes, both on- and off-line.

Our promotions will tie in with your branding and marketing plan to increase conversions, maximise transaction volume, build customer loyalty or improve brand awareness.

We will supply a post-promotion report, gauging its effectiveness, detailing its response and establishing its ROI.

As well as being ideal for programme managers to increase their bottom line, our promotions are aimed at other industries who want to use prepaid cards, virtual cards, e-wallets and m-wallets as a way of distributing prize money - instant-win on-pack FMCG promotions being a prime example.

We offer:

  • Creative concepts
  • Live incentive scheme management
  • Promotion mechanic design
  • Participant communication
  • Guidance on legal and regulatory parameters, rules and terms & conditions
  • Prize management
  • Launch events
  • Post-promotion evaluation and ROI measurement