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Prepaid Consultancy

With 7 years experience, Fifth Dimension provide A consultancy service to new and existing prepaid card programmes across the UK and Europe

1. Market Research

Market and competitor research is vital when creating a new payment product to bring to market. Our market research and analysis services include

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market landscape

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2. Financial modelling

Prepaid programmes can be financially complex, considering the many different costs and types of partner contract involved with their delivery. Similarly there are many options to earn revenue which are impacted significantly by the user behaviour (i.e. number of loads, average transaction value).

With high transaction volumes and low margins, the smallest changes can have a significant impact.

We build detailed financial models to accurately forecast outcomes for your prepaid programme and review different scenarios.

3. Product Design & Specification

When launching a new prepaid programme, Fifth Dimension will help shape the product ranging from the features available to the user, through to the fee structure.

We will ensure these are appropriate for the target audience and in-line with the competitive landscape and the overall positioning of the programme.

4. Programme Set-up & Partner Selection

Launching a prepaid programme will involve working with multiple partners. Fifth Dimension can help review and select the appropriate partners for your programme.

While we understand that cost is always a key consideration, we consider a range of other factors such as responsiveness which sometimes have a significant impact on the commercial success of the programme.

We have no affiliation or introductory agreements with partners and hence our advice is completely impartial.

5. Optimisation

Where a programme is live, we will undertake a thorough detailed review of the programme that covers all areas from the user experience, programme metrics and financials.

We provide a strategic review to improve the performance of the programme and make recommendations as to how to execute this.