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Social Media

Social media has changed the rules. And don't you know it.


Customers no longer want to be talked at; they want companies to listen. And companies that don't listen don't survive.

Social media is an absolutely essential component of your marketing mix. Effective use of social media increases brand loyalty and trust, delivers valuable insight into customer behaviour, facilitates meaningful brand/consumer dialogue and engages your customers. A body of engaged and loyal customers is the holy grail of any business, not just one in the payments industry.

Social media is about building relationships with your audience by encouraging two-way conversations, not only between your brand and your cardholders but between your cardholders and their friends and contacts. It's a commonly cited statistic that 78% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends and family but only 14% trust ads - and it's this word-of-mouth effect that makes social media so important for your business.

We will:
  • Develop relevant, targeted content for each social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, flickr, YouTube, blogs, etc.)
  • Identify and chart online communities
  • Plan effective, highly-integrated communication strategies
  • Ensure risks and reputation are effectively managed
  • Interpret, measure and rationalise results and dialogue
  • Build strong and transparent relationships
  • Build and implement Facebook Apps