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Affiliate Marketing

Simple, cheap and very, very effective.


Affiliate marketing is an effective method to reach and engage new customers by leveraging the customer relationships of established websites, blogs and email lists.

Customers that are referred to a merchants website by an affiliate are tracked, and the merchant will then compensate the affiliate for each agreed customer action - such as a successful cardholder registration.

Merchant Publisher (affiliate) Customer
Seller of the product, such as a Prepaid MasterCard Owner of the website on which the Merchant's product is promoted The person who buys the Merchant's product via the Publisher's website

With affiliate marketing, it is common to engage an affiliate network who will:

  • provide the technical system to track the customer sales
  • introduce the merchant to multiple publishers
  • validate the monthly transactions, and
  • manage the payments from the merchant to the publishers

At Fifth Dimension, we will set up your affiliate programme, managing all aspects including:

  • selecting the most appropriate network, including our own
  • contract reviews
  • implementation & testing of tracking
  • development of targeted creative content in the form of banners, buttons and compelling copy

On an ongoing basis, we will manage your affiliates and networks ensuring that your affiliate programme is optimised to its full potential, including:

  • developing promotional opportunities
  • coordinating supporting activity
  • working with your affiliate partners to increase conversion ratios
  • including banners, buttons and compelling copy.


The Fifth Dimension Affiliate Network

In addition to working with other networks, we also have our own European affiliate network which is dedicated to prepaid and e-money products.