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Kalixa Pay Prepaid MasterCard

Kalixa Pay is a market-leading prepaid MasterCard available in the UK, Germany, Austria and Italy. Kalixa Pay has a genuinely low true-lifetime cost for the cardholder, but the key benefit is that it offers the lowest exchange rates on the marketanywhere – not just compared to other prepaid cards. This is a simple, effective product that converts very well.


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Affiliate Benefits

  • Up to £11 commission per validated sale
  • Wide range of banners and creative material
  • Additional marketing and sales material
  • Real-time tracking
  • Prompt monthly sales validation and commission payments
  • Available in the UK, Austria, Germany and Italy

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It’s a prepaid MasterCard

  • Ideal for budgeting: you can only spend what you've loaded onto your card
  • Make secure and private payments – it’s not linked to a bank account
  • Use online, over the phone and in-store, exactly like a credit/debit card


  • Kalixa Pay has the lowest foreign exchange rates on the market – anywhere
  • No commission or mark-up on foreign transactions – online or in-store
  • Accepted at over 32 million locations around the world

Contactless Technology

  • Integrated MasterCard PayPass™ technology for instant transactions
  • Just Tap & Go™ on the checkout’s contactless card reader
  • Accepted for all transactions of £20 or lower; higher-value transactions use Chip & PIN

Low true-lifetime cost

  • Initial card registration fee of only £6.95
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Free loading via debit card and bank transfer/internet banking
  • No transaction fees online or in-store

High limits

  • £9,000 maximum balance
  • No maximum daily transaction
  • £300 per day ATM withdrawal

Apply now to become an affiliate for the Kalixa Pay Prepaid MasterCard